Contents of Every IEDS Estate Plan

Revocable Living Trust

Your Revocable Living Trust is the foundation of your estate plan.  It allows assets owned by the trust to avoid probate and contains your plan for who inherits your property and when they get it after your death.  This trust can provide life-time asset protection for your spouse and loved ones so that their inheritance cannot be touched by their creditors or by an ex-spouse if a child gets divorced or by a bankruptcy court if a surviving spouse or a child files for bankruptcy.

Declaration of Trust

Under certain very limited circumstances, this Declaration could possibly be helpful after your death if you neglected to transfer a valuable asset to your Trust; it merely confirms that you intended to include all of your assets within your Trust.

Certification of Trust

The Certification sets forth the existence of your Trust and your unlimited right as Trustee to deal with any account or asset held in the Trust. The Certification acts as a short version of the Trust Agreement and gives any third party all the information required from the Trust without getting into the dispositive provisions, which are (and should remain) confidential.

Instructions for Successor Trustees and Personal Representatives

This document contains two (2) sets of instructions for your fiduciaries, whether they serve as Personal Representatives appointed under a Last Will and Testament, or as Trustees appointed under a Revocable Living Trust (or both).

The first set of instructions, called “Actions Upon Death,” is a general checklist of actions to take in the event of your death (and many are relevant in the event of your incapacity).

The second set of instructions, called “Fiduciary Duties,” is designed to give the persons named as your Personal Representative and/or Trustee a general overview of their duties.

Summary of Estate Planning Provisions

Provides an explanation of each paragraph of your Revocable Living Trust and a short explanation of each of the other documents that make up your estate planning package.

Assignment of Personal Property

This Assignment acts as the method of transferring all of your tangible personal property assets (generally such assets do not have a title or an ownership document) to your Trust (thereby avoiding the necessity or possibility of having to probate these assets); this Assignment also transfers your digital assets and/or rights (including any “social media”, on-line accounts and/or email accounts) to the Trust.

Instructions for the Distribution of Personal Property (a form to be completed after receipt of the Trust Package)

This is an optional form and can be completed at any time. This is where you can designate specific items of your tangible personal property (i.e., your “things”) to go to certain people at your death. Although not always binding under State law, this form is typically relied upon by your fiduciaries to carry out your intent.

The Last Will and Testament

Your Wills are commonly referred to as a “pour-over” will. Under the terms of the Will, any assets held by you which have not previously been transferred into your Trust will be added to the Trust at the time of your death (but may be subject to a probate administration in order to do so). The purpose of this is to make sure all of your assets (whether in the Trust or not) are distributed according to the dispositive plan set forth in the Trust. The Wills also designate the Guardian of any minor child.

Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Matters

This is your “general power of attorney” which is primarily intended to give your named agent the power to deal with any trust or non-trust assets. Please be aware that this document does give your agent broad powers to dispose of, sell, convey and encumber your real and personal property.  It is “Durable in that it will remain in effect even in the event of your incapacity.  The Power of Attorney ends at your death.

Advance Directive for Health Care (which includes the “Living Will”)

The Advance Health Care Directives give your named Agents (initially the other spouse is the primary Agent) the power to make medical decisions, sign consents and/or releases with hospitals and/or doctors [it conforms to the new Federal Laws (known as “HIPAA”) with regard to the releases]. It also acts as your “living will” for end-of-life decisions.

HIPAA Authorization and Waiver

The HIPAA Authorization and Waiver is a “stand-alone” document to authorize your health care providers to release information concerning your otherwise confidential medical information to each other and to the individuals you have designated to act on your behalf in the event of disability and to any other individuals who you would also want to have such access.

Final Disposition Instructions (i.e., “Burial Instructions”)

These Instructions give you the opportunity to specify how you wish to have your remains be dealt with (i.e., cremation or burial); to provide details of any prior funeral and/or burial arrangements and to designate and authorize the persons to carry-out your wishes.

Final Wishes Worksheet

This worksheet provides a place to record personal facts and information such as Personal History, Surviving Relatives, Memberships and Organizations, Detailed Funeral and Interment Preferences and Special Instructions.

Document Locator Matrix

Provides information as to the physical location of your Estate Planning Documents, Business Records, Securities, Retirement Plans, Cash Accounts, Tax Records, Real Estate Deeds and other Asset Records.

Instructions for Transferring Assets to Your Trust

Detailed instructions on how to transfer various types of property into your Trust including Real Property, Security Interests, Oil, Gas and Mineral Rights, Bank/Savings Accounts/Safe Deposit Boxes, Stocks and Bonds (both Privately Held and Publicly Held), Partnerships (Both Public and Non-Public), Limited Liability Companies, Business Interests, Insurance and Annuities, IRAs/ KEOGHs/401(k)s/Etc., Digital Assets and/or Rights, Intellectual Property, Motor Vehicles/RVs/Boats, Mobile Homes, Personal Property, Joint Tenancy, Separate Property.

Digital Assets Inventory Worksheet

More and more of our lives revolve around our digital footprint. If your estate plan doesn’t account for digital assets properly, your heirs may not have access to them. This worksheet will be used to record all of your digital assets by category.

Asset Workbook

This workbook will assist you in organizing your assets so as to avoid the “hunt” for information that will otherwise result if your fiduciaries have to step in and take care of your financial affairs due to your death or incapacity.  It will also facilitate the transfer of assets into your revocable living trust by keeping your asset information centralized and close at hand.

The Transfer Documents

These are appropriate transfer documents including a Letter of Instructions to take or mail to your bank(s) and other financial institutions which instruct the institution on how to re-title your accounts or change the beneficiary designation of the account.

One Year of DocuBank

The DocuBank Emergency Card helps to ensure that your medical wishes are known and respected when it counts.  DocuBank Safe allows you to upload and store Medical Directives and other documents that you want quick, convenient, access to online.

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Unlimited Revisions for One Year, Optional Maintenance thereafter for $9.00/month

There is never any charge for changes to your plan for the first 12 months.  Because we all know life changes happen, we offer an optional maintenance plan so you will never have to pay for estate planning documents again. Yes that’s right, no charge for changes to your plan for as long as you remain on the low cost maintenance plan.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you choose not to use the Interactive Estate Planning System to create your estate planning documents, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase price.