Academy believes that one of the biggest obstacles with DIY (do it yourself) estate planning is lack of information that is specifically tied to implementation of the individual goals that are identified during the planning process.

The Academy will be designed to build the bridge across this lack  of information chasm.

Beginning with an Estate Planning 101 video series, supplemented with live webinars, on-demand video for digging deeper on specific topics, checklists and helpful guides, Academy will supply the tools you need to become your own Estate Planning Guru.

We would like to enlist your assistance in development of the Academy’s curriculum and to that end we are offering Free Charter Memberships for anyone who is willing to provide constructive feedback concerning what you would like to see, how you like what you see, when we are hitting the target and when we miss the mark.

In addition, for becoming a Charter Member of the Academy you will receive a 10% discount on any documents you prepare on our system.

If you are interested in taking us up on our offer.  Please click here to be taken to our membership signup page.  Thanks for helping us and helping us help you.