All We Could Have Hoped for and More

We recently had to handle my mother’s estate without the proper estate planning document’s in place.  It was a nightmare!  Tens of thousands of dollars wasted on attorney’s fees and court costs.  We knew right after we moved that we needed to get our own planning and documents in place as we didn’t ever want our kids or relatives to have to go through what we did.  Fortunately, we found IEDS.online.  Not only did we save literally thousands of dollars in attorney fees, but we were able to do our own documents in just a few hours.

We have a special needs child and the software created a special needs trust for him, giving us peace of mind in the event anything happens to us.  This was all part of our revocable trust which created a separate trust for my other son from a previous marriage.  The assets we leave for him will protected against creditors or youthful mistakes of judgement.

My husband and I were amazed at the quality and comprehensiveness of the many documents.  These are not Legalzoom quality cookie cutter forms. We have seen some of our friends estate planning documents and we appear to have created a much more complete and customized document package than they received.  As the website says, this is the same software that lawyers use to write the documents they charge thousands of dollars for.

We were a little apprehensive at first at the thought of doing our own estate plan but the worksheets, organizers and website help gave us the confidence that we could do it.  It was true what they said, you are going to do most of the “heart work” yourself anyway, once we sat down and talked out things like guardians, trustees and when to pass our property after our passing the system took care of the rest.  The online questionnaire took us about 45 minutes to complete and that’s because I’m not a fast typist.

If you are concerned about not using a lawyer, they will give you the names of lawyers that use the same software to consult with to get a review.  Of course you have to pay for that, but it’s way cheaper than having the lawyer draft them.

If you haven’t done your estate plan yet, I would strongly recommend that you use IEDS.online’s service.  I can’t thank or praise them enough.  Thanks for giving us great documents at a great price but mostly knowing that we have everything covered so we can sleep at night.

Maya Karplus

Very Pleased With The Process and the Final Documents

Like many people we had put off doing our estate planning documents for a long time.  Only after a series of medical issues with our son who was only 18 years old, but still considered an adult for HIPPA purposes, did we decide that it was time for us to get our act together.  Dan suggested that we look at his new website he created to let folks do their own documents without an attorney.  We knew Dan from church and knew he was a Missouri estate planning attorney.  We logged on, registered our account and downloaded the worksheet and data book.  Then as Dan says it was time for the “heart work” of deciding who, what, where and when of how we wanted our property distributed if anything happened to either of us.  There were questions about what who we wanted to handle things if we became disabled and unable to handle things on our own and what sort of medical choices we would want if we were unable to communicate.

The documents were just amazing! Not only did we get a Living Trust but we got Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health care Advance Directives, the HIPPA waivers and authorizations we found out we needed to talk to the doctor when our son was in the hospital (even though we were paying all the bills) and a number of other checklists and organizers.  There must have been 150+ pages in all.

The process was fast and easy and when we did have questions we found most of the answers in the help screens as we were going through the online interview.  The website has a lot of information and it’s good to review those, especially if you’ve never been exposed to wills and trusts before.

If you want to get top-shelf estate planning documents without the top-shelf price we would certainly recommend you check out Interactive Estate Document Systems.

Terry & Cynthia Rainbow

You’re the Best

Estate Planning Dan and IEDS.online provided everything we needed to craft our own estate plan and all the related documents.  We had recently attended one of those Living Trust Seminars that you see advertised and were shocked by the proposed cost of doing our plan.  It was over $6,000!!! We didn’t think our plan was that complicated but after attending the seminar we knew we had to do something to protect our kids’ inheritance from probate and from their own possible bad decisions.  We happened to see a Facebook ad that directed us to the website and started doing our research.  We weren’t sure at first we could really do it ourselves but we did a test drive of the system and saw that it really wasn’t all that difficult after all.  Most of the questions we needed to answer we would have had to do even if we worked with an attorney.  Like they say, you have to answer the heart questions anyway.  Very impressed with the final product and literally saved thousands of dollars.

Kapono G.


Peace of mind – Priceless

I was very pleased with the service IEDS.online provided. All my specific wishes were included in my trust. I now have the peace of mind in the knowledge that my choices will be carried out in accordance with the law, and with the least burden on my children and grandchildren after I’m gone. I have recommended IEDS.online to my friends and relatives as I feel they provide an important and valuable service at a fantastic price. Peace of mind is priceless.

Mona P.

You Can Do It

I’m certainly not a lawyer, but I did know how I wanted my estate distributed and who I wanted in charge if I got disabled.  Turns out that’s really all I needed to create my own trust, will, powers of attorney and health care documents.  Very pleased with the results.  Even the funding was easy with the transfer documents and instructions provided.

Barb B.